Assignment 4: Digital Citizenship

My presentation is on the Nine Stepping Stones of Digital Citizenship, which is the benchmark of appropriate and responsible behavior in regards to the technology we use in today’s society on the web.  In my presentation I list the nine stepping stones of digital citizenship, and for each one I give a definition, an appropriate and an inappropriate use of that step, along with the title of the resource I used along with an explanation on that resource and how it’s helpful.  To get to the resource links, click on the title of each stepping stone and it will take you to those connected websites!  Click either the website to access through Canva or the second link which should open in a PDF!

Eleni’s Nine Stepping Stones of Digital Citizenship



4 thoughts on “Assignment 4: Digital Citizenship

  1. Hi Eleni,

    Cool Canva! I had a hard time figuring out how to use this tool! Yours looks pretty. Don’t forget to include 3 tips for students/parents as it says under criteria that Professor Falcone will be looking for this when she grades our assignments.

    – Cherifer


  2. Hi Eleni,

    First of all, great poster. I have never used Canva before and it really looks like you have mastered how to utilize it, to make a nice poster of the 9 elements of digital citizenship. I think the background is really pretty and calming. I think the only thing that I might add to your poster are pictures as they relate to Digital Citizenship. I am a visual learner and what helped me learn these elements was connecting them to pictures that I found through online resources. Other than that I really liked how you linked additional resources on the tittle of each element.

    Jeanmarvick Stocker


  3. Hey there!
    I hadn’t even heard of Canva until I just saw yours so it was an awesome introduction to it for me. Your poster was clear and easy to read all-around. Great job making it pleasing to the eye as well!



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