Assignment 6: Reflective Learning

I found creating Web-Quests challenging at first but then saw how informational they could be for a student’s learning process. I found creating the Web-Quest to at first be confusing, but then really enjoyed it because I was interested in the content I was working on, since it would apply to the grades I want to teach one day!  Completing our classmates Web-Quests was the most difficult because I had to understand their layout and content they gave us, and trying to understand what they wanted us to do.  A question I have is at what grade level are Web-Quests assigned the most?  The second two Web-Quests I participated in I found were at the perfect level, but the first Web-Quest I participated in was difficult to navigate and it had way too much information and more learning objectives than expected, which made it not very fun to complete.  I liked that we got to look at other class Web-Quests before creating our own to help us understand and inspire us to create our own.  Personally, Web-Quests aren’t going to be something that I use in the future since I want to teach kindergarten, but I could totally see them being used for older grades as a great way of effective learning!