Assignment 7: Instructional Video

Our group’s instructional video was on music, meter, measure, and different types of beats!

We begin the video with Brandon listening to music and counting the music, and then explaining what that means to Colin, which leads into a instructional video on how to count and read music!

Nicole explains quarter notes, Colin explains eighth notes, and I explain half notes.

We then complete the video by having a jam session and then bring it back to the beginning by Brandon and Colin both listening to and counting music while I come up then asking what they are doing, to conclude the video!

We added in transitions between scenes to mimic That 70’s Show‘s transitions.

I believe that we included many of the ISTE Standards.  We facilitated and hopefully inspired student learning and creativity through use of this video, along with designing and development of digital age learning experiences through this assessment because our video is an online learning tool, which is clearly a big part of the digital age of learning.  We modeled digital age work and learning through our video along with promoting and modeling digital citizenship and responsibility, and we engaged in a professional environment which resulted in growth and leadership skills that we learned through this project.

Hope you enjoy and learn something new about counting music!  =)

Instructional Video!

Counting Music Quiz!

Story Board & Pitch