Welcome to my page!  

My name is Eleni Stang, but you can just call me Steni!

I grew up in Del Mar, California and love nothing more than spending a day at the beach!    I enjoy surfing, paddle boarding, laying out on the sand getting a tan, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, hiking and doing pilates when I can.  In the summers I spend my time being a surf instructor, which has made me realize how much I love teaching my passion to kids, which has led me to what I am doing now in regards to getting my teachers credential.

I am a University of San Diego recent 2016 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Minor in Philosophy with strong Emphases in Business Marketing and Sports Media.

I participated in the sports reporting for my universities television station, USD tv for three-and-half years and was on USD’s Surf Team.

I am attending California State University San Marcos as of Spring 2017 working on my Multiple Subject Credential Program to become a Elementary School Teacher.

I love working with kids and after graduating USD in May, I realized how quickly I missed being in the classroom, and decided to go back to school to further my education.  I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, and I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than being a teacher and inspiring the youths.  My late grandmother, Ellen, who I was named after, (who I am like the mini-me version of), was a Elementary School teacher back in her day and I would love to follow in her footsteps and make her and my grandfather proud.  I want to teach either Kindergarten or First Grade, since that age group has always been my favorite age to babysit or teach surf camp to.

Feel free to follow me on my social media accounts, (though I am not very active on either one! haha)

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Stay in school kiddos!

-Eleni Stang


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